Commercial Space Pioneer Leverages IBM SAN Volume Controller to Meet the Storage Virtualization and Data Replication Challenges of Their Next Generation Operations Control Center

BRYTECH implements IBM Storage Area Network (SAN) Volume Controller solution to solve client challenges with storage virtualization and data center replication.


  • Customer’s data center supports commercial space flights

Manages all aspects of customer’s mission-critical operations – vehicle launch and recovery, telemetry, cargo transfer, including ground crew training and flight simulations


  • Customer needs to virtualize existing heterogeneous storage to increase utilization rates
  • Customer requires the ability to thin provision storage to reduce wasted space
  • Customer requires the ability to replicate data between production data center and the training center


  • SAN Volume Controller provides a variety of advanced storage features including thin provisioning, automated tiering, storage virtualization, real-time compression, clustering, replication, and multi-protocol support.
  • SAN Volume Controller, a storage virtualization system that enables a single point of control for storage resources that increase both application availability and resource utilization.
  • True heterogeneous storage virtualization with all advanced functions implemented on the SAN Volume Controller

To learn more about BRYTECH’s support to NASA, download out white paper here!

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